How We Help Cannabis Businesses

We Make The Hiring Process Easy


How We Help Cannabis Employers

Looking to staff your grow operation or dispensary with gardeners, trimmers, and bud tenders who are both passionate about medical cannabis and trustworthy enough to work with integrity?


This is crucial for obvious reasons. You want to be confident that each and every member of your team has the skills, experience, and personal traits necessary to help you thrive. Of course, finding such people isn't always easy. That's where we come in.


Whether you’re looking for long-term direct hires, or hoping to ramp up for the grow season with seasonal temporary employees, our team is standing by with industry knowledge and connections to fulfill all your staffing needs now. 


This process is the same whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary talent. After all, your organization deserves top-notch talent, regardless of your needs.


For direct hires, you take over the on-boarding process once we’ve found the right candidates to get the job done. This gives you full control over payroll, income tax withholding, and worker’s compensation insurance.


For temporary hires, your candidates are employed through us and receive payment via our payroll. This simplifies the process for organizations looking to streamline and spend less time on hiring logistics. 


The cannabis industry is relatively young. That can make finding the right employees challenging. Most job candidates don't exactly have decades of professional experience in this field. With our help, that's not a problem.


Our Process Includes:

in-depth cannabis interview process
In-Depth Interviews
An in-depth interview with you to understand your company culture and what you’re looking for in a candidate.
calculated cannabis industry sourcing strategy
A Calculated Sourcing Strategy
A calculated sourcing strategy that finds talents via numerous outlets, including a LinkedIn recruiter, internal hiring databases, and more.
dedicated cannabis industry recruiters
Dedicated Recruiters
Dedicated recruiters who conduct screening interviews at the start to identify the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed in the cannabis industry, and focused interviews to discover whether or not a candidate is a good fit.
background checks for cannabis hires
Full Background Checks
Full background checks, including professional references, employment dates, job duties, criminal background checks, and credit checks.

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