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IMG_0591Fortuna Business Solutions is a family business. Our goal is to help cannabis businesses expand their operations by staffing them with experienced and skilled employees. You're simply more likely to succeed when you have a qualified, reliable workforce.


Our team of experienced recruiters and cannabis professionals work together to ensure your candidates possess the necessary knowledge and have the necessary skills to help your company remain both competitive and compliant in this ever-changing industry. At Fortuna Business Solutions, we leverage a wide range of sources, from LinkedIn profiles to hiring databases, in order to find the ideal candidate for your needs.


We help companies scale successfully in this revolutionary industry, and care about helping you find quality team members who'll ensure you operate a legally-compliant business. Of course, it's also important that your team members fit in with the company culture. This is a factor we never overlook. With our help, you'll find candidates who aren't just a skill fit, but a culture fit as well. 


Additionally, Fortuna Business Solutions conducts background checks on all your potential employees. This saves you time, and ensures you have trustworthy people on your team.


The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly. You need the right workforce to keep up. We'll provide it.

Background Checks + Candidate Vetting
Experienced Interviewers + Video Cover Letters
Custom Hiring Process Development
Employee Licensing and Badging
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